agPROACTIVE is a digital maintenance management program accessible from AgriSphere’s Client Portal. This tool connects you with the information, resources, and training you need to protect and extend the life of your facility’s physical assets.

With agPROACTIVE, you have access to current maintenance management techniques and documentation that will help you reduce downtime and extend the life of equipment and machinery.

Features content and resources in areas such as:

  • Equipment lists and inventories
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Work order generation/issuance, management, and record-keeping
  • Frequency of service
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Maintenance records
  • Safety procedures such as “Lock-out/Tag-out”
  • Parts management and inventorying


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    Create predictive mainentance

    agPROACTIVE utilizes historical and current data from equipment monitoring systems, such as temperature monitoring devices, plus event tracking (breakdowns, for example) to transform your maintenance program from corrective to preventative to ultimately predictive maintenance. Utilizing leading indicators and best practices, a predictive model can be generated to provide for enhanced maintenance scheduling.

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    Reduce downtime

    agPROACTIVE allows you to transition away from having to respond to broken down equipment or having to shut down for routine maintenance during busy operational times. By utilizing the preventative and predictive maintenance models, true maintenance planning is possible.

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    Ensure records and regulatory compliance

    With agPROACTIVE, all maintenance records are formatted in standardized documents and forms and filed into an easily accessible and searchable electronic data library. The records stored in the data library allow for pattern recognition analyses that are the basis of predictive maintenance and also fulfill the record keeping requirements specified in OSHA’s grain handling facilities standard, 1910.272.

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    Improve safety and efficiency

    By utilizing the maintenance management and planning tools in agPROACTIVE, you can obtain better control of maintenance labor and parts. All maintenance procedures are easily referenced, including safety procedures, and training guides are also more accessible and job-specific. Avoiding pressures to quickly get equipment and systems back up when broken down also allows for employees to practice safer working behaviors.