The AgriSphere Training Center is an enterprise learning management platform that offers clients the ability to train conveniently online. Courses feature 3-5 minute videos, ideal for keeping employees’ attention, maximizing retention of information, and making training smooth and efficient. Employees can log on whenever it’s convenient – during lunch, on breaks, and even during off-hours and downtime.

The Training Center is a major component of the AgriSphere Client Portal and works on laptops, desktops, tablets, and other mobile devices, allowing your employees to train on the go.

Each course verifies comprehension through the use of short quizzes between course sections and a final test at the end of the course. Clients can set passing criteria for their employees; retakes can be prompted by the system if a required score was not achieved.

Within The Training Center, managers define employees’ required training courses based on their job, tasks, or responsibility level. Each course works like a textbook and each section acts like a chapter. Employees can even pick up where they leave off through the use of bookmarks.

Features courses in three major categories:

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    Awareness Training

    -High-level, general awareness training to help all employees ensure compliance with regulation
    -Courses break down topics into their most basic elements and present the information for learning throughout an organization
    -References governmental regulations, standards, and legal requirements that employees need to see but do not use on a daily basis

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    Standard Training

    -Includes topics relevant to the employee’s specfic perspective – how does this affect my job, role, tasks, or position
    -Procedurally-focused training to assist employees in their daily work

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    Toolbox Training©

    -Quick, effective training videos that cover the highlights of a particular topic
    -Designed to help managers, shift supervisors, and crew leaders refresh their teams on a daily basis on important training topics
    -Less than 3 minutes and designed for use in the field using a mobile device

The Training Center

The Training Center houses courses for all three AgriSphere management programs – All-Safe Safety Program, agTRACE Food Safety Program, and agPROACTIVE Maintenance Program. AgriSphere consultants prescribe courses for each client’s needs within each of the three main management programs. Also, any additional training content, such as professional training courses (see Advanced Training for more information) can also be hosted. Each training course is customized to ensure proper applicability for each client – this means that terms, photos, and certain processes can be tailored to each client’s needs.

The Training Center allows for advanced reporting of training progress and performance. Each individual employee can quickly assess their performance and progress when logging into their account dashboard. As employees move up within their organization, reporting is aggregated – typically this is done at a facility level. This gives a facility manager a health and performance snapshot of their employees’ training. Information such as who is performing well, who is not, who is ahead of schedule, and who is behind is provided in an easy-to-use dashboard. At the highest level, company management can aggregate the same type of performance and progress information for the entire organization. Their view pulls together performance and progress data on each of their facilities to give a clear picture of the overall health and well-being of the company at large.